Pokemon Shining Legends Released!

pokemon shining legends

One of the most exciting releases for the Pokemon Trading Card game for many years is here!
Shining Legends is out now, here is a little information about the set:

Just like the Pokemon Generations card set released last year, the only way of obtaining the Shining Legends cards and booster packets will be by purchasing the collection boxes or by going all in and getting an Elite Trainer Box.

What is so exciting about this set is that it includes the Shining Pokemon cards – something we haven’t seen since 2002 – 15 years ago!
The Shining cards will be rare – roughly 1 in 15 packs it has been reported.  But, that doesn’t mean you still can’t pull something really special – there are 2 foil cards in every pack.

pokemon shining legends


Pokemon Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box

The Shining Legends Elite Trainer box is the best way of getting cards for this collection.  10 booster packs are included – this is huge considering the cost of the boxes that contain just 3 boosters.
Not only that, you get extra sleeves, energy cards, dice, coins and exclusive promo card.
The Pokemon Generations Elite Trainer Box is already worth 50% more than its original RRP from a year ago as the trainer boxes have become more and more scarce.  This is certainly worth getting!

Pokemon Shining Legends Pikachu Collection Box

The Pikachu Collection box contains 3 booster packs, a Pikachu Pin and exclusive Pikachu promo card.

Pokemon Shining Legends Mewtwo Collection Box

The Mewtwo Collection box contains 3 booster packs, a Mewtwo Pin and exclusive Mewtwo promo card.

Pokemon Shining Legends Premium Powers Collection Box

The Premium Powers collection box contains 8 booster packs, this is the 2nd best way of obtaining a large quantity of cards from this set without buying the Elite Trainer Box. It also contains two exclusive Shining promo cards of Celebi and Lugia, a Ho-Oh GX promo card, an oversize Ho-Oh promo card and Pikachu foil promo card.
This is priced roughly the same as the Elite Trainer box – I would side with the trainer box purely because I think the two additional booster packs outweigh the additional promo cards you get with the Premium Powers box.

Set Information:

  • 78 Cards to collect
  • 5 Secret Rare GX Cards
  • 6 new Shining Pokemon cards
  • Each pack contains an online code card

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